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A hair-raising, thought-provoking and outrageous adventure. This author is a master of story-telling. The book is as terrifying as ON THE BEACH, as fascinating as THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, and my favorite for the year.

This book brings a whole new aspect on an already emotive subject. The author keeps a good pace throughout and maintains a level of intrigue that rivals many well-known thriller writers. There is an abundance of imagery to set the scene and a smooth style throughout to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Definitely a book to curl up with – but will you be able to put it down again?
Mary Gray

I enjoyed this book tremendously. I couldn’t put it down from beginning to end. The description is masterful but not too lengthy. Characters are real and their dialogues are believable. The book is so well written, I will read it a second time. Congratulations for a truly fine, fully encompassing, and intriguing book. I was surprised at every turn of events and a good fully rounded and complete “tying of multiple threads” to a marvelous ending. I hope this is your first book. I look forward to reading others from you.
Bonnie Bills


You have written a very interesting and unique storyline, which I do like, and created a most memorable main character in Jason. The dialogue is realistic and well written and the pace of your story flows well. All of this along with your descriptive writing makes your thriller a pleasure to read.

Andrew Burans
Beautifully flowing descriptive text. Very nice to read. It pulls me along easily and anxiously, a rider in a vehicle with my nose to the window, eagerly awaiting the next scene.

Ian Dunlop

What a fantastic opening!!! You have a great structure to this everything about it feels quality. Only got up to This God’s broke and it’s already obvious this is a winner.

lynn clayton

Why the bloomin’ heck isn’t this stunning book being read more? It really is beyond me. Your descritions are beautiful and you swept me away with your story. Very engaging and an ABSOLUTE pleasure to read and back.


The atmosphere of the storm at the Irish sea and the priest’s mission captivated. Jason’s birth has such shared meaning with his father that the action taken on his sister is stunning. It’s all dramatically rendered, especially the mother’s battle with the priest after she’s given birth. The first chapter had me spellbound, indicating what the fabulous synopsis will deliver.


Fascinating, absorbing, fantastic plot, this has put the ‘thrill’ back in thriller.

Danny Murphy

Now this is more like it. having worked out the Da Vinci Code in half an hour, this is a much superior story and better structured. The mystery is more tangible here and is also a fine example of how religious fever can make people do stupid things. It feels like someone finding out you’re a reative of the biggest star in the world and you suddenly jump above your station to the point where arrogance becomes total superiority. Great stuff


What a truly great and eminently comercial thriller this is. Almost the flipside to the Davinci Code. I have to say I am a sucker for a thriller like this – impeccably written, glorious descriptions and jason is a fascinating character and truly in an amazing situation. Not many books as good of this come along on Authonomy and I am certain this will go all the way.


Such clean and flawless writing,

A Knight

The premise of this is divine: gripping, intelligent and believable to the last. I was hooked by the complexity and it’s clear that there’s a strong imagination behind this fabulous work. Great work, and just what I’d hope to find in a thriller.

Abi Despinas1

Perpetual Light – Amazing premise. Gripping introduction. The writing would take me anywhere.

Perpetual Light’s pitch reveals a creative and imaginative plot and the subsequent work does not disappoint. The prose is rich and vibrant delineating a violently raw opening that is nothing short of superb with a fascinating twist in the closing paragraphs. This is a moving, powerful first class example ot top drawer thriller.

Robert Davidson.

A great idea for a novel and a great cover! Your writing is superbly visual and I could lose myself in the story immediately. You’ve made a good job of the pitch as well as it is clear, concise and well spaced out. A twist on the Da Vinci as well which was a big disappointment in my opinion. I’d buy this over Dan Brown!
DP Walker

Absolutely stunning. Great great novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and must complement the author for the refined, highly polished writing. A classic.
This has got to be a movie too.

yasmin esack

‘…the witch-priest’s familiar’, ‘…the wind screamed approval..’ these are an example of the writing which makes this chapter one of the most stirring on Authonomy. Sorry I haven’t time to read more, but this and your lucid pitch will ensure the success of this brilliant thriller.

lynn clayton

After the pitch my thoughts were Da Vinci Code with a different slant. So I was wrong and your book is interesting, well crafted, characters vivid, so well portrayed that I cannot quite get them out of my mind, and that to me is a good read.


This is a book based on a clever premise: what would it be like to discover you were a direct descendant of Jesus? You have a powerful beginning; really sucks in a reader. You’ve created a good mix of characters to follow that; Jason is interesting because how many people want to buy an island? Patricia because she’s so ambitious is a good contrast to him. Makes this a compelling read.


I love this story with all the inuendos of the past presidential race – I smiled a lot when I read your pitch – “wow!” was all that I could say. What a story! Great job. What a a creative mind you have – I could hardly wait to see the end. Hope you will write more books. Your story is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what’s going to happen next.



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